Medical Affairs & Medical Writing

Medical Communications Consulting Services

Medical Affairs and Medical Communications Consulting

Medical affairs consulting and medical writing consulting are valuable services for companies operating in the medical device industry. GForce’s consulting services provide companies with access to experienced professionals who provide guidance and support in areas such as regulatory compliance, clinical research and scientific communications.

GForce’s medical affairs consulting helps companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure that their medical devices meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy and quality. Our medical affairs consultants provide guidance on regulatory submissions, clinical trial design and post-market surveillance. They also help companies develop scientific communications strategies and engage with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders.


GForce’s medical writing consulting, on the other hand, helps companies develop accurate, clear and concise documentation that supports the use of medical devices. Our medical writing consultants provide expertise in areas such as regulatory writing, clinical study reports and other educational materials. They help companies ensure that their documentation meets regulatory requirements and effectively communicates the scientific and clinical data supporting those medical devices.

The importance of medical affairs consulting and medical writing consulting in the medical device industry cannot be overstated. GForce’s consulting services provide companies with access to highly specialized expertise and support, enabling them to bring safe and effective medical devices to market. By partnering with medical affairs and medical writing consultants, your company will be better able to navigate complex regulatory requirements, develop rigorous scientific and clinical research strategies, and effectively communicate the benefits of your medical devices to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Medical Affairs Services

  • Regulatory Strategy Development
  • Clinical Trial Design and Execution
  • Medical Communications and Scientific Exchange
  • Post-Market Surveillance and Safety Monitoring
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagement

Medical Writing Services

GForce Life Sciences has a deep bench of writers with the talent and scientific and regulatory knowledge to produce clear, concise and accurate documents. Our team has considerable experience authoring a variety of regulatory documents across a wide range of therapeutic areas and all phases of development, including:

  • Regulatory Writing
  • Clinical Writing
  • Publication Planning and Development
  • Medical Education and Training Materials
  • Medical Device Labeling and Instructions for Use
  • Medical Writing Training and Process Improvement

“I am glad that we gave you an opportunity to work with us. You have surpassed our previous preferred supplier in terms of quality, attention to detail and service.”

— Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Device Manufacturer

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