Take That Final Step – Preparing for the Dreaded Counter Offer

May 21, 2020

Getting from “Please accept this letter as my formal resignation” to “Welcome to your first day on-board!”

Employed candidates can be presented with immensely challenging scenarios when interviewing for new job opportunities. Throughout the interview and job transition process, common challenges often include scheduling and availability issues, conflicts of priority, strained work relationships, and exhaustion.

Ideally, after concluding the interview process, you will find yourself with a signed offer letter for an exciting new opportunity. As you prepare to resign from your current role, you might find yourself in a situation where your current employer throws you a curve ball by presenting a counter offer. Your original motivations for moving on are suddenly replaced by strong feelings of uncertainty regarding the right course of action to take. This sudden, last minute plea from a current employer can derail the excitement you had for your newly accepted position, and thrust you into a state of panic. Now what?

Preparation is the key to success in this scenario – hold fast to your primary motivations for moving on, lean on your recruiting partner for guidance and stay the course.

Motivations for leaving your current employer can be diverse; you might find yourself having worked at the same company for too long and missing the excitement of new challenges. You might have reached a career growth ceiling, or perhaps your daily commute has proven itself to be unsustainable for the long-term. Whatever your motivating factors might be, relying on a recruiting partner such as GForce Life Sciences, helps to maintain strong alignment between your career goals and the identification of an opportunity worth your consideration. The GForce experience includes comprehensive tracking of your primary motivations, and expert advice regarding pros and cons of your choice options. Documented in a ‘Placement Matrix,’ our recruiters are extensively trained to help you navigate the interview/job selection process in an unbiased, informed manner.

Partnering with GForce will ensure that you’re prepared every step of the way – we provide you with the resources you’ll need for your interviews, your job selection/acceptance, and even your resignation.

When an employed candidate receives a competitive offer, statistics suggest that over 50% will receive a counter offer from their current employer. 80% of those that accept will be out of work or looking within the following 6 months. With this fact in mind, adequate preparation for/anticipation of this scenario is always a wise choice.

A current employer’s counter offer might take the form of increased compensation, enhanced responsibility or promotion/upgraded title (to name a few). Regardless of the from by which it is presented, you should take pride in the fact that your skills are so highly valued by your current employer!

Partnering with GForce will guarantee you careful thought, reflection and discussion with our team of experts. Our partnership will help to illuminate your most logical course of action in any counter offer scenario. For more information ask your GForce Recruiter about our “Counter Offer Prep Sheet.”

In our “Counter Offer Prep Sheet” we provide:

  • Recently surveyed facts/statistics surrounding counter offer scenarios
  • Examples of “what to expect,” from current employers in resignation/counter offer scenarios
  • Advice on how to best control your resignation discussion
  • Recommendations for drafting the ideal resignation letter

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