How To Persevere As You Change Careers

December 16, 2015

I recently wrote about what it takes to set off in the right direction when you’re considering making a big career change on your own terms (“3 Key Steps For Charting Your Own Course”). But once you actually make that transition, how do you keep your self-confidence and strength to persevere on your new career path?

Years ago, I created a business model that I brought into the healthcare industry and not long thereafter sold. Unfortunately, shortly after this time the economy took a steep downturn. I, like everyone, began to think about my next career move. I built a company once before and had accumulated enough of the belief that I could do it again. And in 2014, I charted down the entrepreneurial path once more into a new adventure, now called GForce Staffing Service.

It’s important to remember you have the skills, now just take everything you’ve acquired over the years and put them to good use.

You can use the following elements to persevere not only at the beginning of your new career path but long after you settle into a new chapter:

  • Daily Affirmations Go A Long Way

Even us eternal optimists need reminders in our daily lives to push ourselves through the challenging career transitions. You have the talent, experience and likability to succeed in your next move – don’t forget to tell yourself that repeatedly and find evidence of that regularly in your work history, including complimentary emails from past colleagues and clients. By making self-affirmation part of your routine, you are preparing yourself for a natural part of the journey when your confidence is tested. Be ready for it.

  • Network With Intention

The earlier you get the concept of the power of networking, the better. You have to be intentional about it. It’s not only about networking in your own industry but also networking via the charities you’re passionate about. I find that giving back often leads to an exponential bounce in serendipitous good fortune. You can meet the most interesting people who are eager to help you when you’re not there for any other reason than to help someone else.

  • Stay Curious About Things Outside Of Work

Hobbies and outside interests have enormous virtue. If you have a hobby that you’re passionate about, stay involved with it. The more curious you are about everything and anything, you’ll be surprised how frequently those paths have hidden gems of insight along the way – some of which could provide clues to your greatest area of interest and impact.

  • Are We Having Fun Yet?

Some people think having fun at their jobs means goofing off. Not at all. Having fun is about having a place you enjoy going to, where you feel fulfilled and rewarded by what you do, all day and every day. Fun is an imperative. When you change career directions, for as challenging as making the shift can be, the spot you ultimately land in had better be a lot more fun than where you were yesterday.

I used these tips during my leap into a new career to persevere and I continue to use them today.

Of course, we’ve seen people move from one dream job to another too. There are plenty of variables out there that could cause you to start looking or make a shift once again. If you feel that kind of change may be coming sooner rather than later, don’t wait for it to arrive. It’s your career path. Take control so your next career move can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. At GForce, we’re here to help make that happen.

Talk to GForce Staffing Services today about your career goals at 312.424.0500 or email [email protected]. Your next dream job is waiting.