GForce Makes an Impact

December 22, 2021

Almost two years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared covid-19 a global pandemic. As each country, company, family, and individual struggled to comprehend and contain the virus, infections surged worldwide. GForce quickly recognized the outsized impact the virus would have on our clients and consultants, and immediately got to work on aligning our clients’ needs with our mission to make an impact one person at a time.

On a Friday in May 2020, one phone call with a client quickly led us to play a small part in a program that would turn out to be one of the first community based COVID testing programs. The GForce team recognized the urgency and importance of what we were doing – we wanted to help our client receive CLIA-certification and scale up their lab.

We took the weekend to educate ourselves as much as possible, expand our network of referrals, and talk to the scientists and innovators that could support this critical public health crisis. By Monday, we were confident our candidates would have the skillset and initiative to drive this project forward, and the Lab Director agreed. Come the following week, our Supervisors started to provide their expertise and help the lab with a crucial component, receiving a CLIA certification. Our Supervisors not only adhered to strict regulations and worked around the clock to meet deadlines, but they also stayed focused on the mission, despite the uncertainties and challenges ahead. With the lab becoming CLIA-certified just 3 months after starting, our consultants quickly helped to ready the site for mass testing.

Now 18 months into the program, GForce continues to provide Scientists and Supervisors to help increase the number of moms, dads, grandparents, and kids tested for COVID with just a 24-hr sample turn-around period. To date, our client’s CLIA-certified lab has tested over 1 million people and numbers continue to grow. Our consultants have committed this year to support our client, with one Supervisor even transitioning into a full-time employee.

Our client’s dedication to their mission and the GForce consultants that are working hard to support that mission is what allows us at GForce to make an impact – one person at a time.