GForce Business Anatomy: Part 3 – The Heart

October 18, 2018

In this post, we are talking about the Sales and Recruiting team! This part of GForce represents the heart of the body. The main function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body, maintaining its pulse and providing it with oxygen and nutrients. The human body needs the heart, like GForce needs our Sales and Recruiting team. Similarly, the Sales and Recruiting team’s priority is to pump business through the organization by connecting with clients and scouting out professionals. While working to maintain business, this team provides the overall pulse by consistently gaining market intelligence and keeping a healthy internal culture.

Sales and Recruiting also reacts accordingly to level of demand. The heart will speed up or slow down based on what the body as a whole requires. Think about how your heart rate increases upon exercise or adrenaline. This team is aware of the organization’s needs and delivers.

When thinking of a human heart, some may think of the biological version, and some may picture the valentine decoration. This is an important function of the heart that can’t go unnoticed – love. The sales and recruiting team works hard to maintain positive relationships with clients and consultants. Regular check ins and follow ups are what set GForce apart. We value the connection and care about our stakeholders as well as our consultants. Charity is also held as a high priority at GForce. We have chosen to make donations to both local and global organizations such as NAMI Chicago, World Relief & the American Brain Tumor Association.

Lastly, there is a specific order of functions in which the heart must follow to do its job. Sales and Recruiting understands the importance of maintaining an effective workflow and healthy communication. Without doing so, the team would disrupt the rest of the organization and ultimately fail. While the heart has had its system figured out down to a science (literally), Sales and Recruiting are also constantly working to improve their processes to become more efficient and prosperous. All is done for the benefit of GForce, and much like the heart, this team goes unfatigued and keeps the organization alive.