GForce Business Anatomy: Part 1 – The Brain of the Business

May 4, 2018

Here at GForce, we specialize in staffing for the life sciences industry. If you do not know much about the life sciences industry, you can probably connect the joints and know that the human body is involved. The human body is not only a key factor in our industry, but it is also a model for keeping our business alive. We have identified the essential body parts that are crucial to GForce functioning: the brain, the spinal cord, the heart, and the lungs. This segment will focus on the brain of the business: The Operations Team.

The brain is the body’s communication center, very much like the operations team. The brain controls and coordinates messages throughout the body to ensure that all of the parts work together successfully. The brain is always working, even when we are sleeping. This is a good characteristic to recognize in the operations team, as the department is tirelessly working behind the scenes to provide a smooth work flow.

An operations team has the responsibility of supporting, planning, directing, managing and evaluating the company’s function and performance. GForce operations handles: client & consultant care, finance & accounting, human resources, training, and maintaining company culture. Every day is different; we never know what challenges we may face. Much like the brain (whose physical make up has certain grooves and folds that can expand and retract to retain information), a good operations team is adaptable and has the capacity to take on whatever the day brings!

While the brain is an important organ, it is crucial to understand that the brain never works alone.

The Spinal Cord: Leadership Team

They are the backbone! The brain sends messages through peripheral nerves to the spinal cord, which is then communicated to the rest of the body. Without our leadership team we would be paralyzed!

The Heart: Sales & Recruiting Team

They are our pulse! Sales & Recruiting pumps business through the company like the heart pumps blood throughout the body. The heart can beat on its own but works more efficiently in coordination with the brain.

The Lungs: Our Clients & Consultants

They breathe life into the company! Lungs provide oxygen and that is the most valuable attribute for keeping us alive, growing, and energized. The brain is in constant communication with the lungs to function properly.

As in the human body, all of the parts need each other to work together. In order for GForce to continue to grow and see success, a strong operations team working behind the scenes is an important part of the equation.

Pull up a seat in the GForce waiting room; next up on the operating table we will dissect the importance of the spinal cord: our leadership team!

Stitched Together by The Four Lobes of the Brain: Justin, Adelie, Alejandra and Jakala