Executive Sourcing and Exceptional Service: 4 Strategic Benefits of the GForce Connection

April 13, 2023

If your LinkedIn profile is accurate and up-to-date, your inbox is likely full of recruiting messages all asking the same question: Are you open to a new opportunity? A deluge of impersonal message requests can get annoying, especially if recruiters aren’t taking the time to read your profile. Without an understanding of what roles would actually be a good fit for you, it’s a slippery slope from subtle annoyance to full-fledged recruiter avoidance. I get it! However, if any of my team’s messages are sitting in your inbox, I urge you to do yourself a favor by accepting our request – even if you have no intention of pursuing a new role. Hear me out…

As a Sourcer in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, I have seen first-hand the benefits for candidates maintaining a regular dialogue with a specialized agency like mine. Here at GForce we pride ourselves on our commitment to continuous learning. We may not have advanced degrees in drug development or regulatory affairs, but we make the effort to understand your background, priorities, and career accomplishments at a fundamental level to help you find the best environment to thrive in. Connecting with me or my team on a quarterly basis can do wonders for your career and professional network, regardless of where you are (or aren’t) in the search for your next role.

One of the more obvious benefits of speaking with a specialized Sourcer is the opportunity to expand your network. Within the Life Sciences industry, I work with a wide range of companies and hiring teams. My manager (our wonderful Head of Executive Search) has long-term strategic partnerships with leaders in many groundbreaking organizations. By staying in touch with our team, you have the chance to stay up-to-date on industry trends and connect with other professionals in your field. Sharing market insights and changes in hiring landscapes are just some of the ways we maintain relationships with our candidates. We are here to help you!

Not only can we lead you to job opportunities now and down the line, but we can also help you build valuable relationships with potential clients or partners. We see you as more than your resume, and we would love to have you join our vast network of industry professionals!

When we meet with our clients to get the 4-1-1 on the ideal fit for their role, we always check our network before expanding our search to new candidates. We are much more likely to think of people we’ve recently spoken to! Whether the people in our network came from past searches or exploratory calls, they are all benefitting from a connection to us.

By keeping in touch with me, you will stay informed about upcoming job opportunities and have a direct line of access to hiring managers. My team’s expansive network and trusted client partnerships lead to expedited recruiting processes, increasing accessibility by considering candidates for opportunities they might not have otherwise known about.

Collaboration is the key to success. Another benefit of maintaining regular contact with a Sourcer in the industry is your chance to support your colleagues in advancing their careers. Timing is crucial in most aspects of life, and we understand a new job is not on everyone’s horizon. If you are not actively looking for a change, you may have a colleague, former classmate, or loose acquaintance that is! By referring them to me and my team, you are helping them tap into a valuable resource that could change the trajectory of their career.

Additionally, providing referrals is a great way to build your own professional reputation. By referring someone to one of our open jobs, you are vouching for their skills and expertise as a knowledgeable and well-connected professional – something that is highly valuable in the long run (not to mention the compensation offered for successful placements!). If and when you decide to join the job market yourself, we will already know you as a reliable and high-quality candidate.

As I mentioned, continuous learning is a huge part of how GForce stands out in the staffing world. We believe in the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in biotech and pharmaceuticals. One way we achieve this is by hiring people in our network to act as a one-time Subject Matter Expert to educate our team on their specific background in Life Sciences.

This provides a unique benefit to all involved. By sharing their expertise and knowledge with us, our candidates allow us to provide them – along with our clients – with a more tailored service. This program has GForce staying ahead of the curve by leveraging these insights toward better guidance to everyone we work with.

It is never a bad time to think about your future, and GForce makes it easy for you to stay visible in a competitive hiring landscape. Speaking with a Sourcer like myself on a quarterly basis is a highly beneficial strategy for industry professionals. Connect with me and my team ASAP to take advantage of new opportunities and position yourself for long-term success!