Everything’s BIGGER in Texas

June 5, 2019

It doesn’t matter where you’re from; you’ve heard it several times: “Everything’s BIGGER in Texas.” Besides being known for BIG hair, boots, and BBQ, the Lone Star state is becoming the next BIG hub for life sciences. Texas is home to over 5,000 life science organizations, and that number continues to grow.

The world’s largest medical center is based in Houston! The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is

determined to become a global leader in life sciences innovation and commercialization. Even more exciting, TMC just announced the creation of TMC3, a multi-institutional translational research center that will bring together the brightest minds and talent within clinical care and R&D. This institution is predicted to drive $5.2 billion dollars into the state and create as many as 30,000 new jobs. Now that’s BIG news.

Texas is also BIG on conquering cancer. The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awards merit-based, peer reviewed grants to Texas based public and private organizations that are focused on expediting innovation in cancer research and product development. All research that is funded by CPRIT is conducted in state by Texas-based scientists, which exemplifies their mission to not only expand the state’s cancer research capabilities, but to also create new high-quality jobs.

With great BIG things come great BIG challenges. When it comes to the state of Texas, the life sciences sector is experiencing growing pains at increasing rates. While growth for any organization is highly positive, it’s also imperative that current employees aren’t feeling burnt out or a lack of support from management. With alarmingly high turnover rates, it is crucial for companies to identify a strategic partner who will not only try to patch up holes, but offer a genuine, stable, and long-term solution.

GForce does just that for its clients. As a strategic solutions provider, we understand your short-term and long-term needs to ensure the continuous success and growth of your organization. Our boutique approach allows us to hand-pick and closely monitor every subject matter expert that becomes an integral part of your team.

So, whether you’re experiencing growing pains or are simply losing talent to your competitors, consider having a conversation with a dedicated Client Partner at GForce and let us help you get back to helping Texas become the next BIG hub for life sciences. Or, if you want to call and tell us about the next BIG BBQ joint in your neighborhood, that’s fine with us too. We love restaurant recommendations.