Candidates Want More From Your Agencies

February 19, 2020

When it comes to establishing your company’s reputation, branding is everything. Some of the obvious components of effective branding include a clever company logo, strong benefits, and a convenient location – but one of the most over-looked and important branding tools is best epitomized by the well-known saying “you are only as good as the company you keep.” Agency partnerships are a strong extension of a company’s brand and overall health. Partners with an established, existing market reputation themselves, elicit an inherent degree of trust with both candidates and clients alike. Ideal agency partners will see themselves as external stakeholders and will tell your story with the same passion and confidence as an internal executive. How confident are you that your current partners reflect the best of your company and evangelize to the required extent in an intensely competitive market?

Agency spend is a common and trusted way to find talent when company growth demands attention. Many candidates are aware that agencies are the ideal pathway to new companies and opportunities within them. In a tight hiring market, top talent is well acquainted with their marketability and will demand a higher level of service from the agencies competing to represent their candidacy.

The typical contingent agency search model has remained unchanged for decades. Contingent agencies will support as many requirements as they can find, hoping that they will succeed with the quantity vs. quality model. With this high-volume approach, candidate quality is often the first element to be sacrificed. The typical, large retained search firms usually provide quality, but often fail to meet their promised timelines. This common failure to meet timeline requirements leaves both hiring managers and internal stakeholders at the mercy of an external entity.

Some of these agencies have started using artificial intelligence to save money, cut corners, and meet deadlines. Artificial intelligence can be a helpful tool but there is no replacement for human interaction, intuition and a thorough vetting process. At GForce Life Sciences, humans recruit humans. We rely on client information, data and our thorough candidate interviewing process instead of artificial intelligence tools. We dedicate ourselves to providing the targeted backgrounds and personality types that best fit the immediate needs of our client companies. Industry and subject matter specific, we provide quality vs quantity and deliver top-level candidates sooner than or within the discussed time frames. GForce Life Sciences is the private jet of agency partnership. Limited Clients, Ultra Targeted Search, Concierge Level Service.

But how do we do it?

We offer Retained and Cotained services to a limited number of clients using our immensely targeted, concierge-level service approach. When you buy a plane ticket, do you pick 1st class, ‘more space’ or economy? Is your ticket refundable? Does it include bags? Depending on the level of service required for your trip, you should always choose accordingly.

Think of GForce when your brand and your top-priority leadership needs require first-class attention. We only work on requirements exclusively – this approach maintains your brand awareness and mitigates dilution. There is a limited number of qualified candidates for your position and our consistent outreach model ensures a high-quality return. This model enables us to go from “wheels up to wheels down,” in 6-8 weeks, instead of flying blind and not knowing which candidates have already been contacted or interviewed.

GForce clients typically choose our retained services for VP or C-suite level roles that need to be filled within 2-3 months. These urgent leadership needs can arise due to attrition, but more commonly arise due to company growth with critical timelines. GForce clients who choose our cotained service, typically do so when they require a guaranteed candidate flow (1-2 candidates every 1-2 weeks) for Director/Sr. Director-level needs. Our reservation service is ideal for repeat clients who anticipate targeted leadership headcount for an upcoming quarter and want to guarantee a seat on the GForce Executive Search plane. We begin our research immediately once a reservation is confirmed and execute the search at a date that coincides with our 6-8 week process.

To provide a perfect example of our service capabilities:

In Q4 of 2019, GForce filled a VP of Quality Assurance position for a growing medical device company. Referred by our reputation, our client chose GForce because his current employee had just given notice and it was critical that they fill the position within 2 months. GForce provided a candidate who interviewed and started within 6 weeks, enabling the essential transition and launch of our client’s new ERP system.

Which leader can our specialized team find for you?