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Our Process


GForce’s Proprietary Sourcing Methodology

GForce Life Sciences understands that there is no shortage of options when it comes to working with staffing firms. Experience counts! Based on our experience, it is critical to truly understand a client and a candidate before embarking on a search for the other. By conducting a deep “intake” session and “slowing the process down” up front, we ensure that our clients and candidates alike have confidence in what we can deliver. By applying our R.A.P.I.D. approach, GForce Life Sciences can then accelerate the process. GForce Time!”

1) Reliable relationships
  • Establish solid relationships by first understanding our client‘s culture and ongoing and/or mission critical challenges

  • Cultivate consultant relationships by determining their desired career path

2) Attract top talent
  • By thoroughly understanding our clients’ brands, GForce creates a more compelling story for our consultants

  • High touch approach creates lasting connections

  • Consultants recognize GForce’s industry experience and they trust our ability to identify challenging and rewarding projects

3) Precision matching
  • GForce’s proprietary competency testing and behavior assessment  process gives us and our clients a 360 degree view of consultants

  • Our clients enjoy a tremendous success ratio when engaging GForce consultants

  • We develop collaboration and customized testing tools in conjunction with our clients to ensure “no surprises” once our consultants begin assignments

4) Invest time up-front
  • Investing time up front with both our clients and consultants saves time by eliminating ambiguity between parties

  • In-depth understanding creates transparency and trust, which accelerates the process and saves money

  • Knowing the nuances of the client’s environment and job requisitions sets the stage for quality matches

5) Differentiated consultants that fit your needs
  • High touch approach in this digital age is what job seekers need and want

  • Delighting clients / consultants is core to the GForce vision

  • Understanding consultants’ aspirations provide us insight into their motivators. Understanding these motivators provides invaluable insight for our clients.

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